Opettaja Media Card 2018

Banners on NettiOpettaja

Banners are booked for a week at a time, from 00:00 on Monday until 24:00 on Sunday.
Banners can, however, be uploaded to and removed from the website at any time and on any day.
Top banner 970 x 120 pixels, price EUR 600 per week
Side banner 300 x 250 pixels, price EUR 400 per week
Banner location: a) front page, b) article pages or c) front page + article pages
For option c) the rate is: a) + b) -10 % as a package discount.

To place a banner on NettiOpettaja, please contact our media sales:

PL 28,
Säterintie 6,
00721 Helsinki
Tel. +358 (0)44 750 5350


Please submit material for banners in GIF or JPG format.
Flash or tagged files are not allowed.
The file size is not limited.

Banner locations

Front page top banner
Front page side banner
Article page top banner
Article page side banner